Saturday, January 29, 2011

My Digs

Meant to post these long long ago. But anyhow, this is what $7400 rmb/month ($1140/month) will get you around here. Everybody says "SEVEN THOUSAND FOUR HUNDRED??? That's way too much!" but most things that were say, 5000 rmb for 2 bedrooms, were ske-e-e-echy! This place is a 2 bedroom loft (that's us up on the top 2 floors) which could be adapted to 3 bedrooms. 6th (and 7th) floors. No elevator. Partially furnished. A landlord who's sorta nice, but not particularly helpful. A landlord who rented out OUR parking space when we said we didn't have a car (and i wanted to rent that space out myself...)

Anyhow, it's home, and if i do say so myself, a pretty sweet one. And hells yeah to not taking a buses and subways for 1 hr to get downtown every weekend!


Shiraz said...

nice! thanks for sharin this wil!

Paige said...

ya, the digs look pretty swank!