Saturday, January 22, 2011

No News Is ... Bad News

Well you know how when people are depressed they tend to get more reclusive. When i'm not doing so hot i tend to be less social.

That's not so good.

Anyhow things w/ Q were starting to drag a while back and were incrementally feeling more strained in general.

So one night when we talked about things, things got unexpectedly messy, we almost broke up, and we wound up with an apartment that needed a lot of cleaning, and i missed a day of work. We also were awarded with... another chance.

Early in the morning, we had a super frank conversation, and despite all, we still love each other. Wow, we really almost threw in the towel, but after an intense night, find some renewed hope and positivity.

And hey, did you know that i just started my spring festival 1 month holiday? Good to have more time and an intended excursion to Sichuan w/ Q!

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