Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Security Insecurity

Since the Olympics, at every subway station in BJ you have to stick your bag through an x-ray before you can get onto the platform. Some low wage employees sit and watch the x-rays or direct people with bags to the x-rays.

The system is highly flawed. Because sneaking past the x-ray machines and security was superduper easy, the few times i tried. And if i want to get a gun on board, i simply take it out of my bag, and stick it in my crotch.

At first i considered it a monumental waste of time and money, until i figured that they're not really trying to stop bombs from exploding the trains, they're just trying to employ people. Up to 20 people employed to stand around a given subway's entrances is emplying hundreds of people in the city.

But then when i read the following govt endorsed "news" item, i can only shake my head.
More than 3,600 passengers who carried unsafe items, or attempted to do so, were sent to the authorities. At least 16,000 people were barred from getting on the trains, the Beijing Subway Operation Company said in a statement.

Subway staff had seized more than 37,500 dangerous items, including detonators, tear bombs and gasoline, with the help of about 2,000 X-ray machines installed in 123 stations since June 29, when the city started compulsory security checks of all subway passengers.

wow, i hope they're not really trying to convince me.

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