Sunday, March 29, 2009

Miscellaneous Updates For YOU, Yes YOU

1. yesterday i slept on the grass in the sun. dream-like spring.
2. Today it snowed.
3. Almost cried when i saw the trained elephants at World Park
4. Did you know elephants can be trained to walk on their front legs only?
5. Or shit in a wheelbarrow on command?
6. World Park is better after a couple tokes, oh yeah.
7. Presently forcing my gr 8's to write enviro essays.
8. PSA: yr cell phone initially lets out very strong radiation when it searches to connect w/ a call. Hold yr phone away from yr head until it connects.
9. i learned that when i made my students contemplate the dangers of their cell phones.
10. i hate using txt messages.
11. it's scary how often i check msn now. Lame.
11.5. i wax nostalgic for the days when i could brag about how i deleted my Facebook account.
12. dating my French friend which is cool, though i don't know how deep it can go really.
13. Kinda fun though. She says the sex is "crazy" whereas i thought it was normal.
14. We had planned a quiet weekend in the 'burbs, bike riding and cooking food.
15. Plus 3 last minute unplanned concerts/parties.
16. yesterday i weirdly contemplated earning a living by making art.
17. Recently met H's boyfriend officially, which was cool.
18. Although i had previously to stay away from Canada for the next 3 years because flying makes me feel guilty about carbon emissions, when my parents said they would visit me here again, i realized that me flying bk to Canada would halve the emissions of my parents. So i'm looking at summer 2010, fyi.

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