Sunday, January 18, 2009

Brief Migration South

Today i'm off to the Philippines to visit some family. Originally i decided to go when invited out for my cousin's wedding. Then i was asked to be the best man. No prob. It was gonna be quite massive. Like possibly 800 people. But then a couple wks ago, the wedding was canceled. Drama and more drama, no doubt.

But me and many other friends and relatives all have our tix booked, so will still have a visit, including the original Honeymoon trip to beach island, Bohol.

My mom has warned me about family drama and politics, so we'll see how crazy it is when i get there.

Anyhow, i'll get a couple wks of 30 degree weather, before trying to figure out how to kill the last 2 wks of the break. Time off has become a challenge for me, since i've been struggling w/ loneliness, inactivity, and a lack of solid friends. i'm working on that; but maybe not in the best way conceivable. More on this later, maybe.

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