Thursday, January 29, 2009

Beach Days

Took off for a few days in Bohol, a beach town. along w/ 19 other members of the originally scheduled honeymoon trip. i admit i prefer my beach trips to be of the laid back variety, as opposed to the jam-packed itinerary type (especially considering my underslept state), but it was still a nice outing.

i was being encouraged to try scuba diving by several family members. My brother had previously explained how amazing it is to be in the fish's world with them. And of course it could be an awesome experience.


i never really felt the pull.

Plus i came up with reasons to further justify my feeling.

i'm aspiring to simplify my life, and an expensive hobby which requires multiple modes of transportation, expensive cumbersome hi-tech equipment, and lots of prep doesn't quite fit my bill. Also, scuba diving requires know-how, and even experienced divers can be plunged into life-threatening situations, as several of my own family members have experienced. So i decided that swimming with a snorkel would be good enough for me.

Until someone commented, "You should try everything once," and i figured that was also sound advice. Plus i was noticing a lot of ego issues in my No Scuba Diving pitch.

so after a rather un-thorough training session, i went under, 20 feet or so. it was pretty calm feeling down there, and sinking down past underwater cliffs is pretty amazing. A bunch of tropical fish went about their daily errands.

Later on in the day, i went snorkeling, which i found equally (or more) wonderful, and saw lots more multi-coloured sea creatures. A huge school of little silver fish would swim right around you, which was pretty magical.

That night i drank with my cousin's and some guys from the dive shop. i was rather aggressively encouraged to drink, and unfortunately did so. Which was (i assume) still quite fun, though i did end with MAJOR memory gaps, whereupon i was informed to my disbelief that i was dancing in the bar, swearing a lot, and that i jumped in the ocean twice on the way bk to the hotel.

Then my cousins showed me cell phone videos of me acting quite inebriated. i may possibly post them when they send them to me.

thankfully i wasn't being a jerk or anything.

Also, i got a sunburn. the end.

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