Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Names Rock

One duty i had as gr 1 teacher was to dole out English names to all the kids who needed one.

The names are ideally: monosyllabic, easy to spell, using different initial letter, and semi-recognizable as a name. My criteria, not the admin's.

So (of course) i dug up bunch of musician names.

We got
Art (garfunkel)
Mick (jagger) though he started calling himself Mickey by day 3
Lou (reid)
(ian) Curtis
Ian (curtis)

Um, i think there's more but i can't remember any rt now.

Oh, and sorry if i sound like a sexist bastard, but the fact is that most women in the Great Musicians website i looked at had names which i thought were dull or inappropriate or too complicated. Maybe someone could write a women's studies thesis about this phenomenon.


Ariadna said...

As a woman I take great offence to this post!

Actually, I don't :-) but here are a few for the chicks:
Patty (Smith)
Joan (Jett)
Madge (aka Madonna)
Kim (Gordon/Deal)
Maya (aka MIA)
Ellen (Allien)

statusq said...

No doubt you are 100% in the right. If i'd had more time to think about it and not used that male-focused site, i'd have def used Kim (Deal/Gordon), Nico, Dusty (Springfield), Deb (Harry). Other girl names were already used. So no Lily (Allen).

As one last lame excuse, there were more boys requiring names than girls.

Ariadna said...

the girls from Ladytron have pretty names too - Mira & Helen