Thursday, September 18, 2008

Let's Make Friends

Ok. Even last year i had every intention to make more friends in BJ when this year rolled around. So now i'm trying to do that.

So i put an ad out in the Friends section, but that only got one reply from an aussie woman who sounded like we had zilcho in common.

But also i met a couple thru Heza's friend (who just moved out of BJ, unfortunately).

i met up with them and a friend of theirs last wk, and this wkend we're planning to see 8 bands playing guns 'n roses covers. This is good, 'cause i just read Slash's hilarious autobiography. It fucking rocks.

Also, H will pbly meet up w/ a girl who is the gf of the guy who helped me record that song last fall.

Tight circles we're running here. But it feels ok.

1 comment:

ljskipper said...

dear wil
by the way i was just listening to that song you recorded last year (i think it's that one) and i think it's great and do you have any others to share?
L.s. from B.c