Monday, September 1, 2008

Begin the Begin

Today was the 1st day of school.

Some long prep hours.

Annoyance at my increased workload from last year.

Grade 1 Eng, Math, Sci; Gr2 Sci; and 4 classes of gr8 & 9 ESL.

But so far, my stress level is super low compared to last year.

Knock on faux-wood.

Heza and i share a bunch of classes so we work together.

Seems ok.

Maybe good:

constructive work, and not exactly about "us".

H wants things to be normal between us again.

But it hasn't exactly been very long since...

So fuck, i think things are shockingly normal between us already.

Not exactly normal.

But pretty normal.

All things considered.

Like the situation.

The environment.

Our lack of outside social lives.

Ongoing differences.

And electricity probs in the apartment.

'Cause we still hang out.

Go out for din.

Have beers.

Watched a flick.

Shoot the shit.

Even if i don't look her in the eye so often.

What can you say.

It's exactly the life i asked for.

i think.

Begin the Begin is an old REM song, btw. Didn't get it, did you.

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