Monday, July 28, 2008


Here in Goa i'm having a smashing time.
Met a couple very very cool guys from Dallas.
We've been checkin out the area, cruising around and exploring on their rented scooters.
Lots of rain here, but today was quite dry.
Checked out Old Goa, where lots of old Portugeuese architecture and cathedrals were amazing.
Last night we got lost driving in circles on dirt trails in a bloody forest
looking for a beach bar which we finally found.
Got quite drunk.
Also got the puff fix i was looking for from some other patrons
(now good for the next couple years).
And we had mad rad conversation.
Good shit.
Tomorrow i will split for my course at the world's largest Vipassana centre.


heather said...

sounds like a good time, glad to hear that you found some friends to scooter around with!
Good luck in the course, is the end date the 11th of August?

brian said...

holy crap, nice one Wil
Can't wait to hear about the Big Mamma meditation centre, all the best in your cell!