Saturday, July 26, 2008

Sai Yonara

Well that was kind of an anticlimactic visit to the man whom many equate w/ God.

But oddly enough, it's almost exactly what i thought would happen.

To sum up. Visiting the Sai Baba ashram was kinda weird for the following reasons.
  • Sai Baba is now in a wheel chair
  • thus he doesn't mix up w/ the People so much anymore
  • if he comes out at all
  • and sometimes he comes out in a car
  • ( a modest one)
  • and people get all focussed on the car like the paparazzi
  • that feels weird
  • But mostly life there requires a LOT of waiting
  • because he MIGHT come out
  • no books or entertainments allowed
  • you must practice your patience
  • or meditate
  • 4 + hours of sitting around/day
  • Mulitiplied by the 4000 (by my estimate) expectant individuals
  • = a lot of wating

Patience is important, yes. But i was seriously thinking about other ways we could all be using our time.

But still, i stayed there for 4 days and feel good about it. Why? 'Cause:

  • it felt right
  • i didn't have many mindblowing connections w/ anyone, but i did have a few good conversations
  • with other former skeptics
  • who concurred about "the feeling" they weirdly got to lay eyes on Mr Sai Baba
  • but mostly it felt right

Ok it wasn't at all the crazy mind evolution that it was the 1st time i went, but i didn't expect it to be. i just wanted to pop in and say "hello" and i did.

Somebody there gave me a Sai Baba book w/ the cheezy title Master the Mind and Be a Mastermind, which isn't a great read or anything, but it does make me feel a wee bit guilty about my intentions of toking at Goa. Ah well, you win some you lose some.

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