Saturday, July 12, 2008

"There's No Such Thing As Bad Luck" or "Clotheless in Mumbai"

Let me preface this post w/ a comment a local student made to me when i asked him about Must Do's in Mumbai. "There's not a lot to do, but a lot of experience to be had."

Ok. No time now to go into detail about my tour of Asia's biggest slum. Afterwards, my friend Raju and i discussed luck a bit, hence the blog title.

Then i flaked out, and somehow forgot that the whole reason i wanted to get bk at 6:30 was so i could pick up my laundry. They close at 7:30. I remembered at 8. Tomorrow is Sunday. They are not open. I catch a train to Chennai tomorrow. Yay!

Tomorrow morning i will go shopping for pants and shirts and undies.

That's not bad luck, that's just life as me.

But then shortly after inconclusive banging on the laundromat door, i was walking past one of the countless dogs who laze around on the Mumbai sidewalks, and one nipped my ankle. Weird. No big deal, i just kept walking.

But then i realized that s/he actually broke the skin. That sucks. 'cause i shouldn't trust Indian dogs to be rabies free. so i washed w/ soap and water, and got some ointment on it.

i guess tomorrow i'll see a dr and get some antibiotics or something. what a pain in the ankle! Seriously. My thinking about it so much is making it throb.

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