Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Loving a Little Island Called...

At the last minute i decided to hit a small HK island instead of going to Macau as planned. You know, some pretty place where i could chill out and get healthy.

I took a short 30 min ferry to an island with my fingers crossed that i could find a place to crash there. It was quite lucky i did find a spot, considering that every other place i tried was closed for nyear, or full.

Anhow, this island was rad. It supported a population of 2500, many of whom live in very modest shacks. Also, a growing number of HK'ers who live there for cheaper rent and access to something we call Nature.

This place is a completely different vibe from HK. It incredibly has a mere 2 roadways, and (count 'em) ZERO cars. People get around via an extended sidewalk and stairway system which will take you over mountains from one town to another on the opposite side. Little villages are scattered throughout.

Also there's just enough tourist industry to support a couple organic/veg food joints which coulda been plucked out of Robert's Creek.

It hardly had a mention in Lonely Planet (a good sign), but (as seems to be the trend EVERYWHERE) the place is inevitably and sadly developing more and more. Actually i'm shocked that the place is still mellow, 'cause i'd expect the real estate monster to devour this place.

On that note: next time you're in HK, i'll quietly recommend a spot for you to visit.

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