Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Enter Hong Kong

HK is a city.
HK is a very big city.
Hk is a very compact and concentrated city.
HK is a very tall and narrow city.
HK is a city which was under British rule in 1997.
HK has a lot of expats.
But it also has lots of locals.
The mix seems... very good!
HK is so very civilized compared to BJ.
People stand on one side of the escalator.
So very civilized!
People wait for the pedestrian light.
But i have no preference for that.
The cabbies are still a bit crazy.
HK has real newspapers and real news.
(or more real, if you want to be literal)
HK is very modern.
But not totally.
And i like it that way.
I like HK.
Heza also likes it.
Though it sure pointed out some of BJ's shortcomings.
BJ is not HK.
BJ is BJ.
HK is HK.
And that's ok.
I like.

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