Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Chinese New Year's Eve

After dropping off Heza to battle her way through her first Vipassana meditation course, i was off to live life as a solo adventurer. It was New Year's eve, so i felt that downing some ibuprofen to handle my ongoing fever chills was a good idea so i could hit a club.

i wandered around, but it was only 11:00, so things seemed kinda quiet in the clubby part of town. i wandered by one place where a few guys were hanging out by the door. "oh, i was just wondering what kind of music is happening tonight."
"What are you after?"
"Um...." (long pause as a i racked my brain) "electro rock, maybe?"
"Yeah, the dj could go there tonight."
i paused to look around a bit.
"Say, i guess it's all... boys in there?"
"Oh yeah, it's all boys," the door guy laughed. "Honey, you're after straight bars, walk that way," he said pointing east. "Or hey if you want to come in, we'll let you in for free."
"Uh, ok sure i'll check it out. I'll try not to be too slutty."

So this gay club turned out to quite the packed little joint.

After feeling conspicuous hovering by the dance floor where an older guy who creeped me out a bit was also hovering, i met a handful of nice boys and we shot the breeze about people getting eaten by escaped zoo creatures; how "chinkees are no fun" and don't count down to New Year (as quoted by the chinese dude); the HK mix (40% locals in the club, was the estimate, which impressed me); Facebook; and how complicated Facebook c can be when you're still partly in the closet (or still married even).

The bangin' remix of Diamond's are a Girls Best Friend had me feelin' pretty happy. But by the time i got to dancing they were onto the cheezy gay trance, and i didn't stay much longer.

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