Monday, August 20, 2007

Enter Optimism

Today started out as a blank slate, and Heza went off for a massage ($10/hr). We were just about to choose the day's destination when we learned we were to go on a school tour and have lunch w/ the school admin and staff.

The school (still under construction) is shaping up to be the slickest, best equipped school i've ever laid eyes on. 5 stories, computer labs, sound proof audio/visual labs, a dance room w/ hardwood floors and wall to wall mirrors, a pool, and much much more. This is the new addition to the preexisting school which has a huge rubberized track and astroturf field, and tons of student residences. This place is too new, too big, and too fancy to compare to any schools in BC.
Not only is the school cutting edge, it also has a rep as being the most prestigious school in China for churning out students who actually make it overseas after graduation (the new school is the new satellite school of the preexisting dntn school). How the hell did i fall into this job?

After the tour we went for (yet another) feast, but this one was the biggest one yet as more and more admin, teachers, owners, and support staff had arrived in BJ. It was a very warm vibe amongst the gang, translators and all. And we all overate and downed glasses of chinese beer. It seems like everyone's pretty pumped on the upcoming year.

After lunch, us foreign teachers were told we were being taken to Hou Hai lake. Which i'd heard good things about, but i was kinda pissed off that yet once again our plans were being made for us. We had one chaperone (Big Sis #2) to show us around. Hou Hai turned out to be a super touristy but really lovely lake, filled with paddle boats, and surrounded by expensive hipster bars and people hawking souvenirs. Big Sis #2 is really nice, and i finally chilled out after i realized that i actually did want to be at Hou Hai after all. Eventually we sent Big Sis#2 on her way to have a bit of time off, and quit working her bloody long hours (not inc hrs of commuting daily).

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