Thursday, August 23, 2007

And As For the Great Firewall...

All i know is that the school has set Heza and I up w/ internet in our temporary residence. We are shocked, shocked i tell you that...

We still have access to CBC.

And BBC.

We still have Facebook (well, Heza does).

Dan Savage: yes. yes.

That's all great. What we don't get is Wikipedia or graphic porn (which i'm still avoiding anyways). And we can't view our blogs, though posting is fine. But via a sneaky tunnelling program, we can do pretty much all the surfing we did at home, though at a rather slower rate. Wikipedia, we love you, and your info on beijing train stations!

ps. we're heading to Chengde for a couple nights, to bust out of big city life, to small city life. 400,000+ pop. More on that later. AND... i got a camera, so i'll do some pix for y'all soon too.

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