Sunday, May 13, 2012

Busy in the good way.

i had a packed weekend, which was great.

Din w/ friends and a jam session.
Ran w/ my running group.
Visited my great aunt.
Went to a swap event to get rid of things i don't use and scored a few cool things.
A bit of unsatisfying sober karaoke.
Then got drunk in a weird bar w/ friends where i drunkenly counseled a self-identified fuckeduppunkrockbitch. Who told me to fuck off and said, "I am pure hatred" but still ended up kissing me on the cheek in departure.
Went to a farmers market for pesticide free vegetables.
Got my bike fixed.
Went to dinner w/ some new friends.
Went to a decent concert.

Despite being underslept this Monday morning, the fact is that being active recharges my batteries somehow. i think i should also schedule in more Chinese lessons, 'cause these days people are bluntly stating that my Chinese is pretty bad. Like it's def not on the level to have a regular friend who doesn't have English that's better than my Chinese.

Anyhow. For now, i feel pretty good.

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