Monday, May 21, 2012

Apple Ipod Touch: What a piece of shit

Well my friend got an iphone so i helped him out by buying this  thing. Wasted way too much time trying to get it registered so i can get apps, took it to the Apple store but they couldn't help me, had some email w/ customer support, and basically progress on just setting the thing up has been ZERO. The credit card company assured me it's not a problem from that end.

I'm sure that this is a wonderful piece of life-changing technology if i could actually use it. But for now i just think it's a piece of drippy shit worth fuck all. 

PS. It's true that i haven't been getting enough sleep lately, so please take that into account. 


Unknown said...

my sympathies!

statusq said...

well in the end i did manage to register the damn thing without having to use the Smash-Said-iPod-Into-a-Million-Pieces app.