Sunday, April 15, 2012

Run Run Run (Take a drag or two)

I joined a running group.
They run f'ing early every Saturday morning.
Sometimes they run up a mountain on Sunday.
They run barefoot in a field a lot.
They record you sprinting and analyze the footage.
They're pretty much all foreigners.
They're a rather friendly bunch.

i joined 'cause i need to get more in shape before the great wall marathon.
And then i signed up for a race in the grasslands of inner Mongolia.
Might do the BJ marathon too, later.
Why not.

Missed registration for the 10k race that started in Tiannanmen Sq this morning.
So took the new subway to the end of the line to explore and run bk home.
Thought it'd be 20k.
But it was actually over 40k.
Stops included, it took 7 hrs before i got bk.

Also, believe it or not, ever since Europe last yr, my gut's been a tad bigger than it oughta be.
But for now, i do fit into my pants again.

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