Monday, April 30, 2012

Great Wall Marathon Playlist

3 am tonight, the bus leaves for the race. 10.30pm now, and i'm frantically trying to throw songs onto my mp3 player. 

Here's what it looks like so far. 

1. Chill out tracks as compiled by Snow Patrol.
2. Chill out tracks as compiled by Underworld
3. Wilco - A ghost is born
4. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - some loud thunder
5. Pavement - crooked rain crooked rain
6. Primal Scream - screamadelica 
7. some electronica tracks by me (i know its uncool to listen to yr own music, but i always find it interesting to revisit now and again)
8. a bunch of mandarin lessons. 

i don't really do "new music" anymore. Kinda outta the loop. And the classics are better for running anyhow...

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