Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Toeing the Line

I was copy editing a piece about "Post-Holiday Syndrome", which frankly seemed a bit comical, intentional or not. So i was like, what the hell, and i started inserting adjectives here and there to describe the "hilarity and fun of family dinners" and the "tedium of office work" etc.

Then i duly noted that the author had omitted a conclusion. So i wrote, "you didn't write a conclusion, so i added one for you. What do you think?"

If you are suffering from Post-Holiday Syndrome, fret not, for you are not alone. Hundreds, thousands, millions of others feel the same way as you. You may feel like your work is interminably tiring and uninteresting in comparison with the days of vivid experience and emotionally charged interactions with loved ones. But you did that work before, and… you can do it again! Step by tiny step, Psychologists Fan Xiaodong and He Ru's words of wisdom will help you cope with the difficult realities of life. 

And entered it into the system, with a chuckle.

Then i shortly thereafter found another article about PHS on CRI, a proper serious one, actually intending to, like, help people who are feeling, y'know, depressed.

And then i felt all guilty.

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