Friday, May 27, 2011

The Uj

As the detective work of me and my coworker undercovered, it was a day of interest for one of my more charismatic, egocentric gr 11 students.

He was pissed off about the lunch which is delivered to students daily.
A hair was in his food.
He... punched the food employee in the head.
The mean one.
Causing the side of his head to swell up.
The food guy stabbed my student with a pair of disposable chopsticks.
An undisclosed number of food trays were thrown.
An undisclosed number of students didn't receive their lunch.
My student was taken away.

By the police.

As mentioned, this took a bit of sleuthing and coaxing out of other students.
The first response to the query about the food stains on the wall was:
"it was the wind."

Hope my student is still able to finish the school year.
Even if he's a pain in the ass sometimes,
he can still grasp some of the finer points of To Kill a Mockingbird.

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