Tuesday, May 31, 2011

More about The Uj

So that fight last Fri.
Monday i was totally surprised to see kid S walk into class as per normal.
Turns out the after the cops were called in, the Chinese school was in touch w/ the kid S's rather powerful dad, and decided to concertedly sweep the fight under the carpet.

My coworker C was so pissed off about the event he announced to his class that he didn't want to work in a school where people weren't willing to deal with or even talk about problems. Got everyone to write down what they saw about the incident, and even he was surprised to see how readily and extensively kids put pens to the paper.

Here's what i think happened.

The delivered lunch: inadequate.
Kid S complains disrespectfully to the unpleasant worker.
Worker turns out to b a 15 yr old migrant worker.
Working illegally.
For less than $1/hr.
Serving food to a bunch of rich kids who take their privilege for granted.
Kid S throws a bunch of food trays into the box, making a mess.
By "accident."
Said employee stabs kid X w/ chopsticks.
Kid S punches employee in head, causing swelling.
2 other students rush the employee.
To "break up" the fight.
Slamming his head against the wall.
By accident.
Kid S kicks the box of trays, making a major f'ing mess.
And announces, "nobody saw that."
Worker kid calls the cops and takes himself to a hospital.
But he and the company are threatened with calls to some govt labour office.
That's the end.

Except us teachers think 3 kids ganged up on some 15 yr old punk is pretty f'ing uncool, and it is clear that a reasonable # of students are also upset by this situation. 5 day suspensions, we decide.

But the chinese school disagrees. We say tough luck, this is a BC school, and those 3 kids can't come in our classes.

Then the 3 kids eventually accept their consequences.

But then the chinese school calls the kids back and tries to FORCE them into my coworker's class in front of a crowd of students. Coworker and Chinese staff member argue. Kid S eventually comes to me (looking quite pathetic at this point) saying he has nowhere to go. He knows he's not supposed to be in C's class, and he doesn't want the chinese staff to find him and make a show of forcing him in. So i let him hide in my class as i teach gr 10s.

He heavily says to me, "i think the teachers have a wrong idea about what happened the other day."
"I'm sure that's true. But i know that people haven't been telling the whole truth." i gave the little liar a bit of a stare-down. Everything this guy says makes himself sound like a gossamer-winged angel.

The 3 students are now feeling pretty shit, not about the fighting necessarily, but about the fact that they're somewhat responsible for a major schism between the 2 "cooperating" schools, teacher and admin stressed out, and Mr R sincerely saying he'll quit or be fired if this stuff can't get settled.

Bottom line: we do what we can to make our school work. The Chinese school does what it can to have power struggles with us, regardless of impact on students. We are disappointed, but not surprised about anything.

Side note: this condensed version somehow doesn't sound quite right, and i'm not sure why.

Also, the pic is just from the internet.

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