Thursday, September 2, 2010

Long Time No Blog

Yup, i ran off for summer.
Despite warnings, i crashed w/ the folks for 1 full month. Qianqian came with, which was aok. Although occasionally there was a fight/misunderstanding/difference of opinion, which was not unexpected, but such is life. We also had a lot of fun doing things like... going to the stampede w/ my bro, and hiking and biking and going to Edmonton.

Q also skipped off to Montreal and QC for a wk or so, which was good for me to have dntime w/ folks and friends, and also for her to be solo (and free to choose her own way).

Van was good too. Better than i remember it actually. Gay pride: bigger better (and a bit more corporate). Wreck Beach: most epic sunset where seriously TONS of people were LOSING it. Heatwave + naked people + drugs = "Oh my GOD, look at the COLOURS!!!" More bike lanes than ever, and the realized Burrard Bridge bike lane, woohoo.

Q is shocked to see more people in poverty in Van, than in BJ. "The best place on earth"? Well, not for LOTS of people it ain't.

3 day camping trip near Cortez w/ a friend and her bf. Admittedly poorly played on my part, since it was pretty hardcore for Q's first camp trip, and since i'd forgotten how terrifiied she is of heights, and then later she pulled a muscle after crashing thru a layer of snow (also partly my fault), and then had to limp down the steep and rooty mountain for 4 hours in the rain. What the hell is up w/ these Canadians and this camping business???

Other highlights...
blueberry picking
a call to 9-1-1
a secret Brasstronaut concert
napping on the beach

but mainly it was just rad to visit people and feel so grateful to have amazing, cool, and generous friends in my life. Seriously, i couldn't ask for more.

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ljskipper said...

wicked times yay!!!!
hope you 2 are settling in well :)