Thursday, September 2, 2010

Bk to BJ

Got the job.
2 wks or so ago, got an email.
"i hope this is still considered to be good news..."
and got switched to dntn campus.
Missed my plane to BJ. 2:40 is NOT 14:40, apparently.
Luckily, was switched to the next day's flights, no probs.
arrival in BJ, get my classroom and things packed, after my boss and coworker prepacked out my apt.
1 hour of phone calls to convince security to let my stuff out of the gate.
Now in a temp apt dntn, which is pretty rad.
but lacking a fridge, furniture, etc etc.
in a dingy old school in the heart of BJ.
Nice coworkers, small team of 5.
A principal who's always pissed off at power struggles between her and the Chinese admin,.
Found out today, i can stop teaching math
Living downtown is ...
pretty awesome.
so far.
i'm feeling pretty optimistic about teaching
for the 1st time in a long time
really nice kids.
i could complain about a # of things still,
but not tonight.

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