Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I'm Back. Sort Of.

Had a lot of ideas for blog posts, but none of them all that exciting.

Here's one that's just a school assignment i had my gr 11's do, as part of their business letter writing project.

Choose one of the following:

  • Write a letter to Linda Wong about how Yihai Garden residents are not correctly using the recycling and garbage bins, and how we can change that.
  • Write a letter to Wen Jiabao about how the government should keep its promises to pay residents who lost their homes during Olympic construction.
  • Write a letter to Premier Gordon Campbell about how politicians should not be drinking and driving.

i guess some of it's old news, but i need to keep myself entertained somehow or another.

Also worth noting is that while writing letters or even emails to the government in Canada is useful and beneficial and admirable, doing the same in China is generally understood to be a waste of paper and pen ink.

If you're pissed off about something or other, the avenues to pursue change seem to be limited indeed.