Monday, September 28, 2009

The Wall: Bigger, Fatter, Thicker, Stronger, Smarter

for the love of china
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Stupid firewall. i was up until recently happily using Tor to get my internet access. which was slow, but it gave me fuller access than other proxy servers.

But the chinese goverment surely paid some public money to some IT guys to figure out how to stop people from using proxy servers.

So now. No blogger. (except thru flickr, whew). No facebook. No youtube. No twitter, which i never used much anyways, and generally think it's a bit annoying.

Shit, it totally makes me start wanting to use these sites all that much more! Fuckers.

If you know how i can get my web access back (and on ubuntu), that'd be rad. But don't tell me how on this blog or on flickr. They haven't blocked gmail yet, thankfully.

Presumably all the extra security and excessive police and army presence in BJ and China is for China's 60th anniversary party, which is on the 1st. There will be a massive parade which is only viewable by invitation only, or for television viewing. 100's of tanks will be cruising the streets, and 1000's (tens of 1000's?) of soldiers and pilots and students wil be marching in bafflgingly inhuman synchronicity.

See here for examples of anal retentive precision:

Ok, more later, friends.

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