Monday, September 7, 2009

Back to School

it's ok.
work hours are excessive, but stress levels are way way down compared to previous years.
Now teaching all grade 10.
for the moment.
Everything subject to change at minimal notice.
A bunch of kids said they're sad i'm not their teacher anymore, haha.
New teachers in the house, are a pretty cool gang, though they may only hang out for a 1/2 year.

Unsuccessfully trying to plan ahead.
Especially before my bro cruises into town.
Not to mention still unpacking and organizing my apartment.
'Cuz i had to switch pads a day before i was due at school.
You have to roll with it a lot around here.

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Shiraz said...

hey wil, i'm working on plans to be in thailand for january thru march. maybe you'll have a chance to visit?