Tuesday, November 4, 2014

National Blog Posting Month Day 4: The Music Muse

i used to feel like a bit of an alt music connoisseur. i used to listen to and buy cds at Zulu Records. For a while i actually had cds being mailed to me to review (mostly cds i didn't have much to say about). Anyhow, i have a few opinions, but music has become much less important in my life than it used to be.

i still love it, and enjoy a good show, but silence is a-ok too more often than not.

Mostly i feel the difference when people ask me what music i like, and i don't know what to say. "Lots of stuff. Mostly indie-alt," i say, then struggle in vain to think of any examples that aren't like a decade old. It's kind of weird.

Yesterday a surprising number of my coworkers were all going on about heavy metal, death metal and thrash bands, and at least i could relax about not being expected to know anything that they were going on about.

i wonder sometimes that maybe it'd be nice to play a guitar again, maybe even write a song maybe.my trusty acoustic guitar used to be my most precious possession. i used to play it daily, and my heart poured itself into the songs that tumbled out of my fingers. But the truth is i haven't written a song worth memorizing in over 5 years, and i gave my guitar away 6 months ago (since it warped and played like shit).

Maybe i can borrow my coworker's guitar. If i get up the nerve to ask to borrow. it.

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