Thursday, May 16, 2013

Rub a Dub Dub

Today I officially became a voice actor for the movie above. I'm a cook who's all excited to serve Mao spicy food in camp. It's a tiny bit part, but it was fun enough. To make it fit the character's mouth, the director was calling out ideas from the control studio (I was in teh sound booth). "Try saying, 'I know you like spicy food.' or 'I know you like it spicy hot' or 'now the cooks here are very good' or whatever. It wasn't really sticking to the script that close. Felt a bit sorry for those bastards spending LOONG f'ing days in that lil' room. But that's what it takes to iron out a piece of government propaganda.

(The movie is all state-sponsored, and all sorts of dirty tricks were employed to get people into the theatres and to inflate ticket sales, ha).

Somebody said i'll be getting paid for it. Which'd be cool, though i don't really expect it. Either way, my voice didn't really fit that guy's face at all, which makes me worry that it might be a bit like the scene below:

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