Sunday, March 3, 2013

Jingle Bell Action

Well, looks like the plan now is roughly to head back to Canada for Christmas. Over the years, my dad has really taken on western values about winter vacation as being the time for the family to be together, and always kinda bemoans the fact that my brother and i haven't been there in years.

So... i think my bro will head out, i'll head out and Yoyo too! 'Cause she should meet the folks in person, not like on Skype where she can duck out if she feels like it.

i admit part of me thinks it's a bit premature, not 'cause we're not serious, but 'cause frankly her confidence in speaking Eng is pretty low still. Worse yet, she can be pretty stubborn about not speaking Eng. On the good side, me and Derrick's Chinese gets better and better, but sometimes when she hangs out w/ a bunch of Eng speakers (esp drunk ones) she kinda shuts down. Anyhow, in Canada, me and whomever will have shitloads to talk about, and i wouldn't want her to be left out.

Friday night we had a party for 2 of my coworkers who are moving on to greener pastures outside of CRI. It was pretty fun. But Yoyo told me, "i don't know what to talk about w/ anyone." . i can definitely relate, but that gang was pretty darn friendly. So i sat her down next to someone, started them chatting, then conveniently left. It was totally easy to do. Even in Chinese, she can be less than extraverted at parties, apparently.

Anyhow, i'll gently encourage her to speak more and more Eng before the date rolls around, and maybe even get her to take some lessons.

If anyone back in Canada wants to practice Chinese w/ Yoyo, she can pbly offer some pointers.

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