Monday, February 4, 2013

Sort of Forward-Looking

Well, it's great that I get to write stuff for China Radio International, but the truth is, that website kinda sucks. It's super old-school. They spend all this money on the video team, but the website's videos are so old that most computer systems can't even view them. Lucky I don't do video (yet).

But lots of people at CRI know that their work looks like shiz on the CRI  website, so what they do is make their own professional blog.

And now i've made one too.

Some of what i write for CRI is a bit dull, but some of it's pretty decent, methinks so it's good to have a place for the winners. Also, it's good to showcase some of the photos i shot for CRI (often using their swank camera).

So, if you are either a) interested in whatever the heck i write about for CRI, b) are interested in places around China, or c) hope to spend more time online than you have in the past, then i invite you to check out my page.

Dang, it looks hella better than the CRI Travel Page, though i should say that me and my editor are in the process of redesigning that POS, which will make it way better, but, you know. It'll still look like a CRI website.

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