Monday, December 3, 2012

Xi'an and the Fam

Overnight train to Xi'an.
One night in posh hotel (by myself, paid for by Yoyo's aunt).
Overnight train bk to Beijing.

Met Yoyo's mom, two aunts, two aunts' husbands, one cousin, one cousin's husband, one cousin and cousin's husband's kid, plus another aunt's son. That aunt wasn't there, but she did send me a ridiculously massive care package for some unexpected reason.

They were all extremely friendly, and were quite forgiving about my inadequate Chinese. One aunt gives me a serious lecture about how a woman shouldn't have kids after the age of 30, but i would do more research to confirm.

Hung out a bit w/ just Yoyo and her mom shooting the breeze and that was pretty chill. Apparently the gang all think i'm a decent enough chap. Yoyo's mom said i'm "interesting" which is fine by me.

Spring Festival, i'll go to Yoyo's hometown to hang out w/ both her parents. Apparently her dad already bought a bed for me to sleep on. Derrick's invited too, though he might not make it out.

Daytimes in Xi'an me and Yoyo went out just the 2 of us to do slightly touristy stuff like visiting the Famen Temple (pictured), the museum, or wandering around ancient streets buying snacks. (Yum, why the hell don't they make that shit in Beijing?)

Well, that's about it. Yoyo hangs out in Xi'an a bit longer, i go bk to work.

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