Wednesday, August 29, 2012

30 points to Up To Date.

Guess what? I'm still here. I scratched my elbow back in Canada, but somehow got through it.

  1. Started dating a lovely woman named Yoyo.
  2. Went to Canada.
  3. Tried to help my parents stop bickering w/ some degree of success.
  4. Did some hiking.
  5. Mountain bike camping.
  6. Boat camping.
  7. Visited some of my wonderful friends, even though the time was too short.
  8. Snubbed a few by not visiting. (sorry)
  9. Ate veg lasagna, olives, pesto, Mexican, org veg from the garden.
  10. lots of clean air.
  11. one bachelor party
  12. voted against going to the peelers
  13. didn't miss my flight back to China
  14. house hunted with Derrick
  15. went to Chengdu and Shenzhen w/ 18 other journalists.
  16. My managers got chewed out for not telling me more directly what to do
  17. 'Cause i kinda slacked it.
  18. Chengdu: boomtown
  19. Shenzhen: life post-manufacturing boom
  20. Scored an apartment.
  21. mini triathlon on Saturday.
  22. 1500m race on Saturday.
  23. Probably can't do the 1500m race for CRI, 'cause i'm double booked.
  24. with the triathlon.
  25. So maybe will run w/ my group Sat morning.
  26. House-cooling party in teh evening.
  27. Wow, all caught up in 26 pts.
  28. There is no 28.
  29. Or 29.
  30. 'cause everybody likes round numbers.
(31. Yu Wenxia: role model for Chinese women around the planet)

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