Friday, March 30, 2012

C4 - The Show Taking China By Storm!

After shooting 3 pilot episodes which were all considerably worse than this official premiere episode, the show C4 has gone live.

It's ironic that China's the master of ripping off other people's ideas and remarketing thinly veiled knock-offs, but it took CRI foreigners to create this rip off of the UK's Have I Got News For You. Well it was Rob's idea. It's entirely his show, obviously.

His original idea was that me and Stu would be team captains, always on, with rotating guests, but now we're rotating off too. Which is great. Frankly, i feel pretty inadequate in front of the camera. Last time we shot, i was feeling particularly unenergetic, and had to dig pretty deep to find anything to say. But part of me thinks that improvement could result from practice. That seems possible.

The show's 15 min long. i somehow doubt any of you will actually watch the whole thing (i wouldn't). But let me know if you do, ha.

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