Monday, October 10, 2011


To Whom It May Concern,
I'm thankful for: 
-a girlfriend who loves me.
-family and friends near and far who love me, and whom I can love as well.
-air to breathe, food to eat, water to drink. Polluted or not, it's still a godsend.
-the opportunities i've had to travel. 
-a job on the horizon.
-a job behind me finished.
-Google Chrome Translator.
-Dan Savage.
-cheap prices and knockoffs in China.
-decent food at dirt cheap prices in China.
-entertainment luxuries available to me that 95% of Beijingers can only dream of.
-a principal who'll write me a ref letter despite how I "quit" after i got my visa.
-more and more understanding about how immature i am.
-the bit of equanimity I have now and again.
-a body that works pretty darn good. 
-people fighting for stuff I'm too lazy about (Occupy Wall St).
-the weird fact that some people still read this blog! 
-that means you, numskull ;) 

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