Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Lost track

Um, i missed a day bk there, due to internet probs. And chose not to blog at least once due to bad mood. But anyhow, let me take this overdue chance to say thx once again to you, my most steadfast and hardcore readership.

I know i f'ing zero'd out over summer and for a while, but somehow a gang of you stuck by me and continue to do so.

Well, Nov is over (already? Holy SHIT) but i do have a couple blogs to blog about that i haven't quite gotten around to yet. I'm less than caught up in many areas of my life, i feel.

Anyhow, i should jet. Derrick is marking some quizzes for me (God bless him), and is waiting for me to watch a movie w/ him or something.


Paige said...

I'm sorry I stopped reading your just happened...I guess I am just so popular and have so much happening in my know....

statusq said...

haha, no prob. People pop in and out. Glad yr still enjoying the writing which i feel has been less entertaining this year somehow :/