Monday, May 24, 2010

Hanging w/ the Band

Q's friends w/ this German guy who's in this band, and they came to BJ on tour.

Quite fun hanging out w/ them. Such a chipper and friendly gang, you'd never guess that (particularly in comparison w/ their previous tour in China) this tour was plagued w/ bad luck, accidents, poorly promoted shows, and had turned into a financial nightmare.

Q helped them shoot footage for a documentary they're putting together. Hit 3 shows in 3 nights in 3 venues.

One show was opening for Marnie Stern who's been getting some extremely impressive press as of late. Funny how as soon as she started, EVERYONE was like, "the drummer's great, but everything else SUCKS." So we made a break for it.

Along w/ a ocunded up hitting up KTV, since nobody in the band had done karaoke in China yet. We all drank lots and sang awfully. Then briefly stepped into a club w/ obscenely loud and disturbingly loud music.

Throughout that night and the next one, it was interesting to hear battered tales about touring. Kinda made me glad i'm not a musician.

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