Thursday, December 20, 2007

One Word Before Departure

Tomorrow after school, Heza and i hit the train to Shanghai. Bk teaching on boxing day. There's no room or time for xmas in my head, but i'll say Merry Xmas anyways. Just 'cause i know it's un-PC, but you can get away w/ that sorta thing in school around here. And Happy Hannukah to Eli and any other readers of the jewish faith. And i don't think i have any Kwaanza partiers in my readership.

Question: If a school w/ no jewish or african students celebrates Hannukah and Kwaanza, isn't that tantamount to cultural appropriation?

Peace and Harmony Out,


lenka said...

Hey wang and heza (is that chinese for something:)

Wanted to say happy time off but I am afraid I've missed your train so it'll have to wait till you come back.
Will, you are slipping - three cards (or so)lost and a rejection to meditate? What's next...?

I wanted to ask, I've seen somewhere that the chinese get three satuatory holidays and the gov' is thinking of reducing that to two days - despite strong public resistance?

Have to run...the kids keep eating the cookies faster than I can bake them - I'll e-mail soon. Lenka

statusq said...

Um, it's true i've gotten a bit sloppy. But here's the silver lining: bk in BC it would be obvious enough to say that i was "smoking" too much. But here it's apparent that my habits aren't a problem. i'm just a space cadet.